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I Vs We – The game of building great team

One of the most beautiful season of the year for me is the rainy season. There is a splendid harmony of rains playing the song, thunder giving the beats, the birds chirping away in chorus & the earth dancing through with every drop of water falling on its leaves. Imagine the sync with which it all gathers in front of our eyes. Another miracle of perfect synchronization which amazes me is our own body, imagine how every part of the body is connected & functions with utmost care to help the entire human to be fit & running.

Now imagine, have we ever seen a single colored rainbow? Won’t’ it just takes away the magic of it?

Or imagine what happens when one of organ starts malfunctioning? The entire body gets affected.

This is exactly the same situation with our organization. Our organization constitutes of people & it is these people that make, break & develop an organization. Although every individual has its own brilliance what takes an entire organization to develop & be fit for the future is the “Teams” that function in this organization.

We all love Sachin Tendulkar & Amitabh Bachchan, they are the finest that their respective genre could ever produce. But imagine what if Sachin never would have had any team to play for or Amitabh never would have a director, producer, writer, music composers etc. to work with.

To make a perfect film or to win a match you need all the people to work as a Team to create the win situation. One department fails & you either lose a match or the film flops. Because T.E.A.M. itself implies Together Everyone Achieves More.  One single man cannot bring the revolution.

In the very same way, an organization’s success depends on the team that drives it and how effectively, passionately and enthusiastically it has been built. An Organization needs a sequential and reciprocal coordination of various factors – infrastructure, people, resources, good market share, right associations, great product basket, marketing plans, brand image and technological factors. In short, it requires various professionals, good strategists, great performers.  Now the question arises how we can build an effective team, how we can take maximum out of the team and how to make teams autonomous.

Why we fail to build a great company despite having unbelievable capabilities? Because neither do we help others nor do we seek help from others. To make a great team: we firstly need direction; we need a strong purpose, sensible plans & core values and alignment.

Apart from these qualities, to build an effective team we require a systematic approach:

  • Forming a team:
    • This is the basic step, where the sources and origins are identified from where we can acquire manpower.
  • Clashes Management:
    • This is a stage where people with different ideologies and thought process come across each other the entire ambiance is converted into the bucket of creeds where nobody is ready to let go one’s own belief and accept others’ belief. They disregard the disciplines and systems, norms set for the team.
  • Coalition :
    • This is a stage where members of team start melting and associating with the common belief; their roles are assigned and entire team accepts each other.
  • Confine:
    • This is a very important stage of alignment where almost all the entities and extremities are highly aligned with the common goal and purpose.

Always remember, you only will & shall succeed when you work in a Team, because ours is not a business of an individual player. The entire ecosystem has to function as a well-oiled machine.

“Great Organizations incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success.”

Wish you all a wonderful team building experience.

This article is contributed by Gaurav Trivedi – Executive Reviews and edited by Yadnik Pawar – Sr. Executive Reviews at smmart Training & Consultancy Pvt Ltd.


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