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The Secret of an Immortal Resolution – An art of living the expectations

“The great miraculous bell of translucent ice is suspended in mid-air.
It rings to announce endings and beginnings. And it rings because there are the fresh promise and wonder in the skies.
Its clear tones resound in the placid silence of the winter day and echo long into the silver-blue serenity of the night.
The bell can only be seen at the turning of the year when the days wind down into nothing and get ready to march out again.
When you hear the bell, you feel a tug in your heart.
It is your immortal inspiration.

A beautiful quote by Vera Nazarian to start this wonderful year.

Today is a the day when we have resolutions to make, new ideas to implement, new habits to start, new strategies to work on, new products to plan for, new associates to look for, new this and new that…. The list is endless and yet we would go about all of it with supreme excitement and confidence.

Cause today is the 1st day of 2018. And today is the day we mark our self for the year ahead.

But as the year progresses, we realise that the pace of the progress does not match with the pace of plans and suddenly the euporia and enthusiasm becomes suspect.  Our ideas become weaker, so does our resolutions.

Isn’t this what we face every year telling everyone jokingly “Ye new year resolution toh bass 2 din ke hote hai.”

Well not this time… This time smmart won’t let you leave your resolution midway, smmart just won’t let you bow out, this time smmart is a part of your resolutions.

Today we tell you 5 Key principles to make your resolutions come true.

  1. Stay focussed: Right to Focus is one of the most critical aspects not just as an entrepreneur but also in person. Distractions are like the evil twin of any resolution/initiative, they come hand in hand. Hence always remind yourself what your true purpose is? “Why” you are doing what you are doing? & most important stay away from people who distract you.
  2. Manage your time better: Right to My Time & De-stress, Key to any success is a distressed mind. Every once in a while take a break from the routine, create your daily plan, put deadlines, practice your BWY & BWFF (Be with Yourself & Be with Family & Friends day) regularly as you do for BSO(Business, Sales & Operations) & PnP(Planning & Preparation) Days.
  3. Maintain Vision, Mission & Values: The Core ideology and the envisioned future (Core Purpose, Core Values, Big Hairy Audacious Goal and the Vivid description) form the foundation of every organization. Great organizations are built by great leaders and strong teams who work relentlessly to strengthen and preserve this foundation. To ensure a strong management & leadership, the entrepreneur &his/her team needs to be committed and aligned with the organization’s CORE.
  4. Act Now: Let’s not do it tomorrow– Only the Lazy procrastinates. For the Lazy, Chanakya in his Arthshastra mentions “नभृत्यान प्रेषयति”(Na bhrutyan preshyeti) which means that a lazy person fails to command. Being lazy not only restricts your ability to grow but also deprives you of what you desire. Having a mission is not enough; working towards it in a timely manner is what makes the difference.
  5. Review your business plan frequently: Giving your business plan a good once-over one time a year may not be often enough. Reviewing your business plan annually is fine under most circumstances, but if your business environment is experiencing choppy conditions, or if you’re facing major threats or opportunities, your plan should be the first place you turn. Revise & upgrade your strategy sheet every Quarter to regularly review your progress, identify how you can make the most of the market position you’ve established and decide where to take your business next. You will need to revisit and update your business plan with your new strategy in mind and make sure you introduce the developments you’ve noted.
  6. Take care of yourself: As you’re busy with your new business, it can be so easy to neglect the other (important) aspects of your life. Don’t just create a formal business plan (unless you want investors), but create a useable life and business plan. Take the time to identify your core values, priorities, goals, and action plan for your life and business. It’s absolutely possible to have a successful business and live a life you love.

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” Ms. Golda Meir – Former Prime Minister Israel

To conclude, always remember… 100% execution of a 20% plan is better than 20% execution of a 100% plan. If you don’t just do a thing, then nothing will ever get done.

Wishing all a very Happy, Successful & Prosperous 2018

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