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Spread the Love: Hope for the Miracle

It’s the last month of the year… It is rightly said that the best is preserved for the last. December, it’s a month of joy, calmness & peace. Even nature cools itself down & a sense of relaxation spreads across.

The month of December is many times also synonymous with Christmas, the festival that is celebrated today by our Catholic brethren. Christmas brings along with it that one common emotion that every individual on this planet secretly prays for, “Hope”…Hope for a better year ahead, Hope for achieving our goals, Hope to join the gym & take the fitness resolution. The most beautiful thing we do this month is we start dreaming once again forgetting our worries & setting the path for the year ahead.

Christmas brings love back in our life, it reignites the connect of every relationship, Christmas brings back the memories, friends & most importantly it makes us forget our differences to bring back that beautiful smile in our life. As an entrepreneur, nothing ever can help you progress both professionally & personally if we do not have the most important thing in our life, “People”. It is the responsibility of an entrepreneur to build his network & then take care of his people.

Richard Branson, once quoted ” I do not take care of my business, I take care of my people, they then take very good care of my business”. We all are so engrossed in our day to day work that we forget that its your people who are the bloodline of your business.

As a child, we all saw dreams, we imagined more than we saw, we loved like there was nothing else we knew, we hoped that one day we will conquer the world. I urge you all to bring back that child in you once again, this Christmas. Be the Santa, spread love, connect with people selflessly, have faith that our gift is somewhere around the corner. Remember:

FAITH makes all things possible
HOPE makes all things work
LOVE makes all things possible

Wishing you all a very joyful, happy & merry Christmas. Let’s welcome the new year with one goal in mind, “Reconnect to Connect”.


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