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Are you the CEO ?

As we tread on the path of our entrepreneurial journey….each one of us has a very crucial role to play… especially for us entrepreneurs.

One of the most important roles that we need to play is that of a C.E.O.
(I’m sure you will read it as Chief Executive Officer)

But WAIT…. it’s not that!!!

We need to re-designate ourselves to be the

The Chief Energy Officer is a leader who makes the organization come ALIVE. They don’t allow the four fatigues i.e. Physical Fatigue, Mental Fatigue, Emotional Fatigue & Psychological Fatigue to take over their‘state of mind’which may then transfer negative energy to the team&the organization leading to lethal consequences.

The most fundamental job of an entrepreneur is not only to recruit, mobilize, inspire, lead, direct and monitor employees but also to regularly refuel the energy of those they lead.

No skill will be more important for you as an entrepreneur, than the ability to generate and mobilize the energy of your workforce into a life force. That’s because energized people are connected to what they do. This will automatically translate into more engagement, more loyalty, more revenue and organization growth.

As the demands of the workplace keep rising, many entrepreneurs respond by putting in even longer hours, high targets, unreasonable benchmarks and the likes which inevitably leads to burnout that costs both the organization and the employee.

An Entrepreneur’s responsibility is not to do the work of those they lead, but rather to fuel them in every possible way to bring the best of themselves to the workplace every day.

They will be able to drive this positive energy if they are aware of the 4 most important emotions of being productive, which are:

1. Enthusiasm,
2. Self-confidence,
3. Cheerfulness,
4. Sense of humor

If we can bring these 4 emotions into everything we do, we will able to bring out energy within us, which will be extremely contagious.

This is essentially important, especially if you’re the entrepreneur, because, by virtue of your position and power, the way you’re feeling at any given moment profoundly influences how the people who work for you feel.
Your role as an entrepreneur is not only to manage resources and take them to a higher level, but also to be the source of high, positive energy.

You are the CEO of your organization whether you want it to be so or not, so start remitting and managing your positive energy and stay away from the negative as much as possible…!!!

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