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Upgrading your people – Take the Risk but don’t Avoid it.

Education is the most pious, important and only medium of growth that one has understood since ages ago. Education is a continuous process that is lifelong. Educating oneself is a RESPONSIBILITY, we OWE to ourselves and thereby we need to upgrade our Knowledge, our Attitude, our Skills, our Habits and our Strategies.

For an entrepreneur, however, education is not limited to just educating ‘self’. For the complete, overall growth of the organization, it is very important and more crucial that the internal workforce be constantly educated and upgraded, so that the necessary targets are met, profits are achieved and for the desired progress to happen. After all, they are running an “organization” and is not a “One-Man Show”!!

This sounds very good and sensible while writing on paper or when speaking to someone. What happens in actuality is that an entrepreneur feels insecure, at times even threatened to educate his employees.

Why does it happen? 2 thoughts drive an entrepreneur’s thought process, while having to think of a possibility of educating his employees:

  1. Making them Entrepreneurs who may stand in competition – This is one of the most basic reasons why an entrepreneur doesn’t wish to educate his employees. There is constant thought in the back of an entrepreneur’s mind that the more the employees learn, the more they would want to steal their biz idea and start their own business and probably also stand in the same market as competitors.
  2. Not Worthy of Investment – Education calls for a lot of investment, whether be it in terms of time or effort or money. The thoughts that normally cross an entrepreneur’s mind in such a case are

“Investment of Money… For their education?! I better invest it in some assets, or getting better manpower!!”

“Sending them for training?! They are better off without training. They could use the time into doing something more productive for the company!!”

Well, there could some debate or deliberation or acceptance in this thought process, but the thinking is largely the same.

If you take a cue of how Reliance Group, Tata Group, Microsoft, Asian Paints, Bajaj Group, Aditya Birla Corp to name a few that made it big and ahead of others, you would come to realize that the one thing they really capitalized on, was to develop their manpower within their organization. And this they did when they were as small as how smmart or your organization is.

What they did was simple!!

  1. Focus on the strategy – where do you wish to go, what do you want to do, how do you want to do this. Made the smmart Multiplication strategy sheet (3yrs, annual, quarterly). Reviewed, Re-created quarter on quarter? Now, How do you see your Organization after a certain number of years? How and where do you see your people who helped you reach this level, etc.
  2. Assess the necessary assets that would be required for this purpose – people, products, infrastructure, process etc..
  3. Share this thought process with the entire organization, either directly or filtered through the key management representatives.
  4. Make a personal assessment of what is the level of education, training, or grooming they need for this purpose
  5. Source out the means through which the requirement could be fulfilled
  6. Schedule the Training Calendar for at least a year down the line, such that everyone could prioritize their tasks accordingly
  7. Delegate the task to someone capable to lead it, in your stead, and see to it all the learning is implemented
  8. Make necessary assessments from time to time to do the necessary additions, editions or deletions in the progress plan and the training module of the team, as required
  9. Reward, Recognize and Honor all the achievers
  10. Go back to Step 1 to go to the Next Level

This is surely required for you to invest a lot of time, effort and funds to be placed.  To train your workforce, you could always opt for either of the 2 mediums

Online Training – webinars, podcasts, by getting tutored privately by an expert through Skype or Google Duo, or by attending any Facebook Live training module. The list is endless.

A word of caution here. This kind of module is only meant for those who are committed towards learning and progress, as the means to check their implementation, and the means of conducting follow-ups to get things implemented would be limited

Offline Training – Also known as the “Classroom Training Module”, this still stands as a preferred mode of training by many. Sharing of learning, and clarification of doubts and questions is all done in person. The only important thing in this kind of training is the physical presence of the trainer/implementer that makes a person implement all that has been taught.

You can choose any mechanism you wish for the training of your employees. But the ultimate thing is… you cannot make your organization a conglomerate, all by yourself. To go to the next level, you HAVE to let go of your fears, and train your team to build a strong organization of the future. Build a ‘Talent Pool’ in your Organization.

So… Are you GAME to take your Organization to the NEXT LEVEL??

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