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DNA of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is taking the World by storm. The new age Entrepreneurs are the ones that are challenging the status quo and doing things that were first thought impossible to be done.
We all know that an Entrepreneur is a person that takes a resource from a lower level of productivity to a higher level of productivity.
So, can everybody be an Entrepreneur – the answer is YES!!! If you have the following in your DNA –
Entrepreneurs are Visualizers – they see opportunities. They see more than others and they see things before others can see. They can see the Future today.

Entrepreneurs are Actualizers – they not only just see the opportunity, they seize the opportunities. They are self-starters and are likely to pursue what they believe in without any guarantee of any return. They like being First than being Fast. They chose being First over being Fast, anytime – every time.
Entrepreneurs are Workafrolics – yeah you read it right – not workaholics but workafrolics. People that work harder than others to turn their dreams into realities. They work hard because they love what they do, thus their work is fun.
Entrepreneurs like to Win – they just don’t like losing. They will keep score of who is ahead and who is behind because they want to get ahead all the time.

Entrepreneurs don’t like Following, Seldom like Leading – they don’t like following because it means they have to wait for others to do for them to start doing, and they don’t like leading because they have to have the patience for others to do what they already know. They like being themselves and moving forward all by themselves.
Entrepreneurs love Problems – they love problems as they look at the problems, learn from them and leverage them by making them into a business opportunity. All problems precede opportunities and so entrepreneurs are constantly looking for problems that they can solve.

Entrepreneurs are don’t want to prove anything to anybody – they are constantly wanting to prove to themselves that they can do what they want to do. This achievement gives them a true sense of confidence. They know that preparation relieves pressure and so they are prepared to do whatever it takes.
Entrepreneurs are Tenacious – they like showing up, no matter what difficulties are there in running the company because they love what they do.

Entrepreneurs value Opportunity – they love to chase opportunities at the cost of security. For them, the adrenaline rush of chasing an opportunity is far more exciting than the mundaneness of security.
Entrepreneurs are Creative – they believe that there is always an answer for everything and continue to pursue that answer even when others around them quit. They do not quit, instead, they find creative ways of solving each problem that others feel is impossible to navigate.

Most of the points mentioned above will resonate with you if you are an entrepreneur. It is this DNA that separates the Entrepreneurs from the others. Do you have it in you???

This article is contributed by Mr.Shrikant Somani – Associate Vice President, Sales Support & Centre of Excellence (Sales – Mumbai) along with the social team of smmart.

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