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Can You Just Disconnect ???

In our series of Gurukul programs focusing on Entrepreneur Development, our flagship program – ‘smmart Entrepreneur Gurukul’, unravels the concept of the 10 Rights of an Entrepreneur. One such important and effective right learnt is the ‘Right to Destress’!!!  And this Monday’s article is dedicated to infusing this thought into you once again!!!!

We invest most of our ‘business time’ on developing new products, travelling frequently, looking at analytical numbers, weighing our revenue options and its alternative avenues, meeting up with our existing customers, hiring new employees, managing people, considering technology to boost speed and efficiency … and many more activities that form the DNA of an entrepreneur. We get pulled deeper and deeper into work and the syndrome of ‘busy-ness’ engulfs us.

As Daniel Goleman writes in Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, “Overloading attention shrinks mental control. A life immersed in digital distractions creates a near constant cognitive overload. And that overload wears out self-control”. The saying works well even for non-digital ‘busy-ness’ that prevents us from bringing any new thoughts and new ideas to our way of doing business.  So,

Can we disconnect from work?
Can we disconnect from our family, friends and our loved ones ….temporarily?
Can we disconnect from the online life?
Can we leave behind the laptop, iPad, cellphone, leave behind our spouse, kids, parents, and loved ones to just push off to a faraway /remote place.
Don’t we owe it to our self, to our company, to its future, to its health, to our wellness, and to all stakeholders etc…Etc…to bring in a fresh wave of ideas, to think of the unthinkable, to plan the ‘undoable’, to strategize and thereby grow the business.

A day or two out on your own, without the gadgets and the connectivity, rewards one with a quieter and sharper brain. It brings back better and newer control mechanisms on our thinking, on our energy levels, on our enthusiasm, on our innovation, on our process of re-discovering a deeper part of yourself. If it is not done, it will surely cause more harm to personal health, professional efficiency and bring out a damaging outcome in all areas.

This needs courage. Such intermittent escapes are a RISK which entrepreneurs must take.  That is also a risk that we NEED to take. I say it is a risk since the past 18 years, I have found entrepreneurs very fearful, anxious, overwhelmed, and scared to be alone with self, at times even doubted or looked down by family and friends when they express their desire to be with themselves.
This break is so critical, both to the renewal of self and of work itself. Creating a balance between work and personal life enables you to focus on many different areas of your liking, your passion (other than our business) and to your personal and professional wellbeing, without letting one area overwhelm you and pull you down.
The key to being more fully productive and effective in the role of an Entrepreneur is to regularly and fully disconnect.
Plan a little getaway to a nearby destination before this financial year ends and bring out newer and better ways to excel in whatever we do.

Be with yourself. Just Disconnect. Can you???

This article has been contributed by Sindhu Nair, Head of Operations & Customer Connect and co-founder Director of smmart Training & Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.

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