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Be An Eternal Learner – Create A Transformative Learning Culture

Life is the best teacher and its experiences, the best learning ground !!!!

This is more applicable now because the environment today is so dynamic. So personal learning phase is a never ending Journey and it is timeless too.

48 Years of my existence has brought out a lot of learnings, loads of experience. However one learning which I hold very dear to my heart is that learning calm down an inquisitive and restless mind, it develops a habit within us which grows into a personal culture and forms a discipline gradually to be an eternal learner.

But more than being a learner, can we ‘apply’, ‘align’ and ‘use’ these learnings meaningfully, to transform the way we look, think and behave in our personal and professional lives?? Each individual, every organization must have a Culture of Learning, and more so, can we create a culture of ‘transformative’ learning’??

Whether you know it or not, your organization already has a learning culture.

The real question is whether you have a transformative learning culture that makes your organization more successful than one that breeds conformity and stagnation.

Organizations with poor learning cultures experience high turnover of their top talent, struggle to keep their customers, and ultimately fall behind their competitors on a number of fronts. They may seem profitable on paper for a bit, but ultimately the costs of the human factor catch up and they fail. A learning culture is a self-sustaining culture that produces more energy than it consumes. An organization’s culture stands between your intentions and the organization’s results.

So, How do I create a transformative learning culture?
How can I dramatically increase my organization’s ability to learn?

There are 6 steps to create a learning culture at your organization:
We are learning machines on legs, each of us are collecting an enormous amount of sensory data every day. The things you learn today interact in your brain with the knowledge you’ve already stored away—and that learning goes on 24 hours a day, at the speed of light. The earlier you can get new information in your brain, the sooner it can start compounding with the knowledge that is already there. So the best way is to communicate the ever-present nature of learning. The promoters and the leaders have this DNA of experiencing this learning every day. Speak about it to all, spread the education and your experience. The key is to COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, and COMMUNICATE this learning to one and all. This inspires learning and builds in successful leaders that don’t treat learning as an event to be scheduled, but rather as an outlet to educate their employees, enhance the degree of knowledge and its application within their organization.
To foster a learning-to-learn culture, organizations must understand the unique elements contribute to such a culture. This means making it safe to take risks and make mistakes. Celebrate the “oh no” moments, just as much as you do easy wins. So valuing and fostering self-improvement, specifically learning will be key here. The organization must encourage risk-taking and failure. So remember that the cost of not encouraging failure is a shortage of innovation.
Make learning easily accessible. Entrepreneurs fear training & educating their employees, however it is such fear that kills the organization. Employees yearn to know more, to learn, to upgrade. It is great to have such employees on board. They look internally to be upgraded by their organization or find their own answers to give up, go out & seek this knowledge outside your organization. The employees who are upgraded feel empowered to use this learning. It comes to them as a form of silent security and confidence given by the promoters indirectly to them. Such an environment enhances learning and this way of learning is retained far longer than just being told what to do.
Use blended learning: Not every type of learning works for every person or situation. For example, some prefer hands-on application, some like it conceptual (and allow the person to use his/her creativity), some like it collaborative. So if we combine the two one could effectively create a learning culture.
Teach your managers how to coach: Coaching employees by asking questions naturally, builds their competence and confidence. I’m a certified coach myself and a big fan of appreciative inquiry, which helps employees learn what made a peak performance different from the others. This information can help them achieve that peak level more consistently.
Evaluate performances based on learning. New models for performance management demonstrate that measuring learning, along with performance, ultimately increases both. So do reward productivity and results but one parameter is definitely having a quest to learn, like how smmart has it as one of its core value.
Your orientation to learning sets the context for those around you to examine themselves, seek, learn, apply, implement, risk making errors, review themselves, unlearn and re-learn and keep this cycle going, thus growing themselves and the organization simultaneously.

So be informed, get together with your teams, get started, communicate, create a ‘transformative learning Culture’!!!!!

Stay connected with smmart!!!
Lots of Love & Regards,
Sindhu Santosh Nair.

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