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Utility Of Time Management Or Time Multiplication?

“Time management is a waste of time” – Santosh Nair.


Time management is one of the most popular theories in this digital world with a lot of tools like making “To Do Lists” or checklists. I, Santosh Nair, challenge this belief, because “a fool with a tool, will always be a fool.” You, I, Narayan Murthy, Steve Jobs –  we all have the same 24 hours in a day, to perform and excel in what we do;  yet they find ways to make their time more productive than we do!

Everything in this universe has a sequence and a definite timeframe. But being rational, we human beings tend to challenge the sequence and try making our own. We burden  ourselves with work and think we are being productive. However, we need to understand that being busy ≠ being productive. Time has its own characteristics; like, it is  continuous, ephemeral, universal, and unstoppable. We have 24 hours with us to either ponder over how to manage time, or to multiply it. The only thing/s that can be managed, are our lives within the time that we have, so, let’s multiply it.


There are certain prerequisites  of being a time multiplier, but the most important is- Be honest and accept that you are inefficient the way you use your time. As Dan Sullivan rightly says-“All progress starts by telling the truth.”


So, at smmart, we teach you how to become a time multiplier.

Time Multipliers are purpose-oriented individuals who have consciously re-engineered themselves (inside) and aligned with time rather than waiting for time to align itself with them by adopting the virtue of task management and life leadership over the illusionary myth of time management.


Multiplier is a tool to escape from drowning in a pool of activities, and to become a Time Multiplier you have to follow a process called Time Multiplication.


Time multiplication is a conscious and continuous process of disallowing your Ocean of activities from getting overloaded by building your Barricades (B)2 to Isolate and Insulate (I)2 yourself from the daily rut, adopting the 12 Breakthroughs of the 4 center TM Model so as to produce higher results from the same 24 hours thus enjoying a quality life for a lifetime.


Even though we may understand the meaning of the above, seldom do we use it in our daily life. That’s the difference between intelligent people and wise people.

Intelligent people know, wise people do.

To be wise and to become an effective and efficient Time Multiplier, one needs to build the following 4 barricades and adhere to them.

The 4 Centres are:-

1.  Collection Centre

2.  Distribution Centre

3.  Execution Centre

4.  Evaluation Centre

A brief introduction about the Centres:-


This is the first center, wherein all the inputs are accepted and stored. Here you can appoint a time blocker, or be a strict time blocker yourself;  make your ecosystem  follow that, and divert your time to what is important.


Once all the inputs are accumulated here, segregate your activities, prioritize them,  and give more importance to those which will bring you profit as an entrepreneur. Learn to delegate your work to grow beyond your current capacities. Build a team of talented people, and get your work done by binding their time.


Now that the tasks are segregated, perform only the result oriented activities. Learn to say “NO”. We all know the dictum, “Good fences make good neighbors”, means to set firm boundaries. Focus only on the job at hand: we human beings tend to accept all the incomings while doing a task,  and eventually the priority takes a backseat.


Evaluate: Where you are losing time? How you can save it? Who are your customers?

The imperative should therefore be more on the ones who create high values with minimal time and effort. Take BWY- be with yourself days, spend time with yourself.

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